Charlotte Criterium

Course Map


Course Map

Neutral Support provided by SRAM (1 course location)
Free Lap until 5 to go

Team Parking*

W. 6th Street between N. Church & N. Tryon Streets
W. 4th Street between S. Church & S. Tryon Streets
E. 3rd Street between S. College & S. Tryon Streets

* Team Parking lots are located near the race course but please note these are not free parking lots. Teams and riders are responsible for any parking costs or any parking violations incurred in connection with the race.

Race Expo

The official Charlotte Criterium Race Expo will be located at the corner of Trade and Tryon Streets, between 2:00 - 9:30 pm, at the Bank of America Plaza. There will be vendors and exhibitors.

Street Closures

Tryon Street from 1st Street to 6th Street will be closed starting at 8:00 am. The streets that include the entire course, Church, 2nd, and 5th Streets, will close at 4:00 pm and reopen at 10:00 pm.

Course Description

The Charlotte Criterium course is approximately a mile circuit in the shape of a barbell that includes a long straightaway and eight corners. The 2016 course has been redesigned with an exciting left turn through the middle of the race's popular hospitality area. There is a small hill on N. Church Street and a long uphill grade along N. Tryon Street to the finish line. The course is unique in that the entire stretch of Tryon Street is bi-directional and the riders race up and down both sides. There is no shortage of great places to watch the race!

Spectator Etiquette

In order to respect the safety of riders and spectators, please remain on the outside of the fence around the course, unless crossing at a designated spectator crossing area. Please do not hang on fencing as riders are going extremely fast and can get incredibly close to the perimeter of the course.

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